Assembly on Earth day

As a part of Earth Day celebration special assembly was conducted, begin with prayer. Students took pledge to preserve and conserve the self sustaining planet Earth.

A range of events were organized to sensitize the children about the importance of conserving natural resources and motivate them to contribute towards protecting the environment.

Posters and Banners were put across the school.

A thought provoking Nukkad natak was presented highlighting global warming and how can Earth be saved.

The students shared their reflections on what Earth Day means to them and expressed that every day should be an Earth day for every citizen of the planet Earth.

Students conveyed a strong message through Mime to save trees.

Little buddies expressed their thoughts by presenting rhymes in a unique way.

Mentees of class 10th to 12th took out rally in Jadla with placards to raise awareness and to protect the Mother Earth along with their mentors.

In addition to this, Managing Director Rana Gagan Singh, Principal Madhu Aeri, other faculty members and students came forward and planted trees and pledged to protect Earth.

Various class activities such as Poster making competition and slogan writing was organized.

The day was especially devoted to demonstrate a commitment to learn more about the environment and how can we help to protect.