Happy Baisakhi!!

“Wheat crop is ready for harvest

Time to rejoice and feel nice

Fruits to reap of blood and sweat ,

And get joyous and celebrate life “

With this spirit the little Scholars of Scholars Public School, Jadla celebrated Baisakhi with gusto and religious fervour. A special assembly was conducted by the students of 5th to 8th to welcome the harvest season. The students and the teachers highlighted the religious and cultural significance of the festival in an enlightening speech. A beautiful poem was recited which added color to the celebration.

We celebrated this joyous occasion with our little ones in a fun and educational way.They were dressed in typical folk attire and their cheerful mood made day pleasant .

Kindergarten students had a blast dancing and jumping around.Children learned about the culture and had a fun filled day.

The motive was to apprise the children of their own culture and heritage amongst the joyful cheers of Happy Baisakhi!!