Parents teacher meeting

Parents teacher meeting (PTM) bridge the gap between three stakeholders of a school:teachers,parents and children. It establishes a communication channel. PTM provides a chance for teachers and parents to share their observations. Sharing everyday observations allows parents and teachers to plan,organize and execute plans for a child’s improved learning result.

Keeping this in mind the first PTM of the session 2024-2025 for all the classes was held on 11th of May.During the PTM class teachers got the opportunity to interact with the parents and share the comprehensive feedback with the aim to bring out the best in the child.

The parents were quite delighted to go through various activities done by the students. They were quite satisfied with the progress of their ward and appreciated the efforts made by the school towards the holistic development of their child.

The meeting helped to create better understanding between parents and teachers and build harmonious relationship between the school and the community.